This function retrieves information about an account's Webmail applications.

  • We strongly recommend that you use the following UAPI function instead of this function:
  • We deprecated and removed this function in cPanel & WHM version 11.44. For help to update custom code that uses this function, send an email to


$cpanel = new CPANEL(); // Connect to cPanel - only do this once.
// List Webmail applications
$list_webmail = $cpanel->api2(
    'WebmailApps', 'listwebmailapps'


my $cpliveapi = Cpanel::LiveAPI->new(); # Connect to cPanel - only do this once.
# List Webmail applications
my $list_webmail = $cpliveapi->api2(
    'WebmailApps', 'listwebmailapps',


Because we removed this function before we introduced this functionality, you cannot call this function via the command line.

  "cpanelresult": {
    "apiversion": 2,
    "func": "listwebmailapps",
    "data": [
        "feature": "horde",
        "icon": "/webmail/x3mail/images/horde.gif",
        "url": "/cpsess1658535621/horde/index.php?cpanel=1",
        "id": "horde",
        "displayname": "Horde",
        "if": "!$CONF{'skiphorde'}"
        "icon": "/webmail/x3mail/images/roundcube_logo.png",
        "url": "/cpsess1658535621/3rdparty/roundcube/index.php",
        "id": "roundcube",
        "displayname": "RoundCube",
        "if": "!$CONF{'skiproundcube'}"
        "feature": "sqmail",
        "icon": "/webmail/x3mail/images/squirrelmail_logo.gif",
        "url": "/cpsess1658535621/3rdparty/squirrelmail/index.php",
        "id": "sqmail",
        "displayname": "SquirrelMail",
        "if": "!$CONF{'skipsqmail'}"
    "event": {
      "result": 1
    "module": "WebmailApps"


This function does not accept parameters.


ParameterTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample
featurestringThe Webmail application's feature name.A valid string.horde
iconstringThe path to the Webmail application's icon file.A valid file path, relative to the home directory.
urlstringThe URL to the Webmail application's location.A valid URL, relative to the home directory.
idstringThe Webmail application's ID.A valid string.horde
displaynamestringThe Webmail application's display name.A valid string.

The conditional statement that the interface uses to determine whether to display the Webmail application.

A conditional statement.

For more information, read this Stackoverflow article.


A reason for failure.

This function only returns a reason value if it failed.

A string that describes the error.

This is an error message.

Whether the function succeeded.

  • 1 — The function succeeded.
  • 0 — The function failed.