This function unsuspends an account.

Only the root account and root-enabled resellers can unsuspend a locked account.

whmapi1 unsuspendacct user=username

         "raw":"<script>if (window.clear_ui_status) clear_ui_status();<\/script>\n 
Changing shell for username.\n 
Shell changed.\n 
Unlocking password for user username.\n 
passwd: Success\n 
Unsuspending FTP accounts...\n 
Updating ftp passwords for rosie\n 
Ftp password files updated.\n 
Ftp vhost passwords synced\n 
username's account is now active\n Unsuspending mysql users\n Notification => via EMAIL [level => 3]\n"
                <script>if (window.clear_ui_status) clear_ui_status();</script>
                Changing shell for username. Shell changed.
                Unlocking password for user username. passwd: Success
                Unsuspending FTP accounts... Updating ftp passwords for username Ftp password files updated.
                Ftp vhost passwords synced username's account is now active
                Unsuspending mysql users Notification =&gt; via EMAIL [level =&gt; 3]



ParameterTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample


The account to unsuspend.

A valid cPanel or WHM username on the server.username



This function only returns metadata.