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This documentation is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 54


The /scripts/manage_mysql_profiles allows you to import and export MySQL profiles configured on the server. 

The /scripts/manage_mysql_profiles script

To use the /scripts/manage_mysql_profiles script to import or export MySQL profiles, run the following command:

/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles [options]


When you run the /scripts/manage_mysql_profiles script, you can specify the following options:


--import [/path/to/json/file]

Import the profiles contained in the specified JSON file.


You can specify --force to forcibly import and overwrite any existing profiles.

/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles --import import.json

--export [profile name]

Export one or more profiles.

To export more than one profile, specify multiple switches.

To export the list to a file, specify the export_to switch or redirect via STDOUT.

/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles --export profile
/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles --export profile1 --export profile2
/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles --export profile1 --export_to export.json

--activate [profile name]

Activate the specified profile, and mark it as the active profile for the system.

/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles --activate profile1


If no active profile is present on the system, this option creates a profile based on the information in the /root/.my.cnf file.

/scripts/manage_mysql_profiles --recreate_active_profile