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The /scripts/manage_greylisting manages the cPanel Greylisting service. 

The /scripts/manage_greylisting script

To use the /scripts/manage_greylisting script to manage the Greylisting service, run the following command:

/scripts/manage_greylisting [options]


When you run the /scripts/manage_greylisting script, you can specify the following options:


Initialize the SQLite database with the basic data structure as needed.


You can find the SQLite file in the /var/cpanel/greylist/greylist.sqlite file.

/scripts/manage_greylisting --init 

Forcibly reset the SQLite database.


This option attempts to preserve the Trusted Hosts List if the Greylisting service is enabled on the server.

/scripts/manage_greylisting --reset

Trust the IP addresses for the common specified email services. Specify this switch more than once to trust multiple services at the same time.

This script recognizes the following common email services:

  • aol
  • apple
  • att
  • bank_of_america
  • chase_bank
  • comcast
  • cpanel
  • firstdata
  • google
  • hotmail
  • mcafee_email_saas
  • microsoft
  • microsoft_eop
  • office365
  • outlook
  • roadrunner
  • sbcglobalnet
  • symantec_messagelabs
  • tucows_opensrs
  • verizon
  • wellsfargo
  • yahoo
/scripts/manage_greylisting --trust cpanel
--importImport the Trusted Hosts that the specified JSON file contains.
/scripts/manage_greylisting --import /path/to/json/file

Export the current Trusted Hosts List.

To export the list to a file, specify the export_to switch or redirect via STDOUT.

/scripts/manage_greylisting --export
/scripts/manage_greylisting --export --export_to export.json
/scripts/manage_greylisting --export > export.json

Update the common mail providers data in the database.


You can specify --force to forcibly update the IP address data in the database.

/scripts/manage_greylisting --update
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