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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50


The /etc/wwwacct.conf file contains the most basic setup information for cPanel & WHM. After you install cPanel & WHM, you can find and edit this information in WHM's Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup).

Preconfigure the /etc/wwwacct.conf file

To set the configuration of the /etc/wwwacct.conf file before you install cPanel & WHM, perform the following steps:

  1. As the root user, create the /etc/wwwacct.conf file with a text editor.

  2. Enter all of the parameters that the Parameters table contains, with one entry per line.


    You must include all of the parameters that the Parameters table contains in your /etc/wwwacct.conf file, even if you do not specify a value for a parameter.

  3. Specify the values that you wish to configure. Separate each key and its value with a space, for example:



The following table contains all of the parameters that you must include in your /etc/wwwacct.conf file.

ADDRYour server's default IP address.
CONTACTEMAILThe system administrator's email address. This address receives notifications of account creation or termination, service status information, and several other events.
CONTACTPAGERThe number to which the server sends Short Message Service (SMS) notifications.
DEFMODThe default cPanel theme that you wish to use.
ETHDEVThe default ethernet device. This parameter's value defaults to eth0 on Linux servers. Specify venet0:0 if the server runs Virtuozzo.
HOMEDIRThe path to the default home directory.
HOMEMATCHA string that determines which partitions to use as home directories for new accounts. (For example, a value of users might match system mounts of usersusers1, or users3.)

The Apache log format to use.


Always set combined as this parameter's value.


The minimum Unique Identification Number (UID) for cPanel-created accounts.

  • On servers that run CentOS 7, you must use a value of 1000 or higher.
  • On all other supported operating systems, the default value is 500.
NS, NS2, NS3, and NS4

Nameservers to add to DNS zones by default. 


You must configure at least the NS and NS2 values, or account creation will fail. 

NSTTLThe default time to live (TTL) value that DNS zones will use.
SCRIPTALIASDefines whether the system aliases a /cgi-bin/ directory on account creation. You must set this value to either y or n.