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You can access a user’s cPanel account through the List Accounts menu.

How to access a user's cPanel account

To log into the user’s account with the root password (or the reseller password, if you are the reseller who owns the cPanel user's account), simply click cPanel icon () below the cPanel heading.

  • If you have disallowed root or reseller logins to cPanel user accounts, this icon does not appear. To re-enable root or reseller logins from the List Accounts screen, select one of the following options at Tweak Settings > System > Accounts that can access a cPanel user account:
    • Root, Account-Owner, and cPanel User — To allow root and the reseller to access the cPanel account
    • Account-Owner and cPanel User Only — To allow the reseller to access the cPanel account
  • This feature uses the Internal Session Tool and Single Sign On system to generate a temporary user to access the cPanel account.