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Software Development Kit


New to developing for cPanel & WHM? Our Quickstart Development Guide will guide you in the right direction for your project.



API Documentation


cPanel API 2


Manage2 API

Deprecated APIs

cPanel API 1



Development Guides

Guide to cPanel Plugins cPanel plugins add new functionality to the cPanel interface.

Guide to WHM Plugins WHM plugins add new functionality to the WHM interface.

Guide to the LiveAPI System The LiveAPI System provides environments for applications in cPanel's x3 theme.

Guide to Template Toolkit Template Toolkit is the main template system for the cPanel and WHM interfaces.

Guide to API Authentication cPanel & WHM supports several API authentication methods.

Guide to Standardized Hooks Standardized Hooks trigger applications when cPanel & WHM performs an action.

Guide to Package Extensions Package extensions add custom fields to packages and accounts.

Guide to Perl in cPanel & WHM cPanel & WHM ships with multiple Perl environments.

Guide to cPanel Variables The LiveAPI system and dynamicui files can access cPanel's global variables.

Guide to AppConfig The AppConfig system configures cPanel & WHM attributes and registers WHM plugins.

Guide to Locales The locale system localizes text in Perl, Template Toolkit, or JavaScript code.

Guide to Custom dnsadmin Plugins Custom dnsadmin plugins can update DNS records on external systems in real time.

Guide to API Privilege Escalation In cPanel & WHM version 11.38 and later, a pluggable wrapper system allows functions to run with elevated privileges.  


Create a New Paper Lantern Interface in Template Toolkit This tutorial uses Template Toolkit to create a new cPanel interface for the Paper Lantern theme.

Create a New Paper Lantern Interface in PHP This tutorial uses PHP to create a new cPanel interface for the Paper Lantern theme.

Add a Link to the cPanel Interface — This tutorial adds an icon that links to an external location to the cPanel interface.





If you have questions or need help with your customization project, join the conversation on our cPanel Developers Forum, or send an email to

We encourage anyone who develops for cPanel products to read the cPanel Blog, and join our Plugin Developers mailing list.


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