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(Dashboard >> Support >> Support Usage Report)


The Support Usage Report interface provides a detailed overview for support incident tickets usage. 

Executive Summary table

The Executive Summary table provides a general overview of incident support usage by month, for the Company selected from the menu above the table. This is the default layout style.

MonthThe calendar month.
TicketsThe total number of tickets for a calendar month.
LicensesThe number of licenses for a calendar month.
Tickets/Licenses RatioThe tickets-to-licenses ratio.
Licenses (Adjusted)The number of licenses adjusted.
Tickets/Licenses Ratio (Adjusted)The tickets-to-licenses adjusted ratio.

Detail Report table

The Detail Report table view provides a detailed overview of incident support usage for all companies. You can narrow the report details per Month, Group details by the Company or IP Address, and select Output for the Detail Report in HTML or CSV format.

WhoThe company that issued support incident tickets.
TicketsThe total number of tickets issued by a company.
Tickets/MonthThe average number of total tickets issued by a company per month.
Last TicketThe date the most recent ticket was issued on.

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