cPanel & WHM no longer develops or updates EasyApache 3. We deprecated EasyApache 3 on December 31, 2018. We removed support for EasyApache 3 in cPanel & WHM version 78.
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The mod_fcgid Apache module adds the Mod FastCGI v2.3.9 option to the list of available PHP handlers in WHM's Configure PHP and suEXEC interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHP and suEXEC). The Mod FastCGI v2.3.9 PHP handler directs Apache to communicate with PHP applications via the FastCGI protocol.

The mod_fcgid Apache module is an alternative to the mod_cgi Apache module.



  • We only recommend the mod_fcgid Apache module for advanced system administrators who understand how to modify the performance of the mod_fcgid Apache module.
  • Your PHP applications must support the FastCGI protocol.

Install the mod_fcgid Apache module to add the fcgi option to the list of available PHP handlers in WHM's Configure PHP and suEXEC interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHP and suEXEC).

Select the fcgi option in WHM's Configure PHP and suEXEC interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHP and suEXEC) to configure your server to handle PHP applications via the FastCGI protocol.


This module has no requirements.


Mod Ruid2

The mod_fcgid Apache module is not compatible with the mod_ruid2 Apache module. If you select the FastCGI and Mod Ruid2 options in EasyApache, EasyApache will set your PHP handler to the suPHP option.

For more information on the mod_ruid2 Apache module, read our Apache Module: ModRuid2 documentation.

How to install or uninstall mod_fcgid

The EasyApache profiles do not provide the mod_fcid Apache module by default.

To install or uninstall the mod_fcgid Apache module, perform the following steps:

  1. Run EasyApache in WHM's EasyApache 3 interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache 3).


    To access EasyApache from the command line interface, run the /scripts/easyapache script as the root user.
  2. Select the profile to modify.

  3. Click the gear icon () that corresponds to your selection.

  4. Click Next Step in the Apache Version stage.
  5. Click Next Step in the PHP Version stage.
  6. Click Exhaustive Options List in the Short Options List stage.
  7. Perform one of the following actions in the Exhaustive Options List stage: 
    • To install the mod_fcgid Apache module, select the  Mod FastCGI v2.3.9 option.
    • To uninstall the mod_fcgid Apache module, deselect the  Mod FastCGI v2.3.9 option.
  8. Click Save and Build.
  9. After your EasyApache build completes, the Configure PHP and suEXEC interface appears. To use the mod_fcgid Apache module to handle PHP requests, select the fcgi option for your PHP handler.


    You can also select your PHP handler in WHM's Configure PHP and suEXEC interface (Home >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHP and suEXEC). For more information on how to select a PHP handler, read the Related documentation section.

For information on how to configure the mod_fcgid Apache module, visit the Apache module mod_fcgid website.

How to enable or disable the module in a custom EasyApache profile file

The following table provides information about how EasyApache refers to the mod_fcgid Apache module:

EasyApache module namemod_fcgid
EasyApache Profile EntryApache: optmods: Fastcgi

To enable or disable the mod_fcgi Apache module in a custom EasyApache profile file, set the Apache: optmods: Fastcgi profile entry to one of the following values:

1Enables the module.
0Disables the module.


DateEasyApache versionActionDetails
6/16/153.30.2EA updateImplemented case 185065: Ensure that PHP applications served by FastCGI are compatible with mod_userdir
2/11/20143.24.11Doc updateImplemented case 73225: Removed Apache 1.3 and 2.0.
1/31/20133.18.0Doc updateImplemented case 51105: Update for Apache 2.4.
3/22/20123.11.2EA updateFixed case 58255: FcgidMaxRequestLen is defined before mod_fcgid is loaded.
3/7/20123.10.2EA update

Fixed case 52958: FcgidMaxProcessesPerClass only counts inside virtualhost.

Fixed case 57238: Do not reap processes from the free process list.

2/10/20123.9.1EA updateFixed case 55823: EA build stops if Fastcgi is selected asking the user to enable 'Mod FCGID', although Fastcgi enables it.
12/28/20113.8.2EA updateFixed case 51627: FcgidMaxRequestLen not being added to httpd.conf.
5/5/20113.3.1EA updateImplemented case 48690: Add patch to mod_fcgid to limit process signalling to active processes.
4/20/20113.2.6EA updateFixed case 49029: Backport mod_fcgid fix to protect against improper process killing during restarts.

Related documentation

Vendor documentation

The following text is an excerpt from the Apache's website:

Any program assigned to the handler fcgid-script is processed using the FastCGI protocol; mod_fcgid starts a sufficient number instances of the program to handle concurrent requests, and these programs remain running to handle further incoming requests. This is significantly faster than using the default mod_cgi or mod_cgid modules to launch the program upon each request. However, the programs invoked by mod_fcgid continue to consume resources, so the administrator must weigh the impact of invoking a particular program once per request against the resources required to leave a sufficient number of instances running continuously.

For more information on the mod_fcgid Apache module, visit the Apache module mod_fcgid website.