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This document explains what to do if you encounter an invalid, reserved, or misconfigured username on your cPanel system and steps to resolve the problem.

Reserved usernames

Reserved Usernames are reserved for the system to use; they are not intended for use by cPanel users. This list of reserved usernames can grow over time, and a previously allowed username could become reserved. To resolve this problem, run the following command as root to rename the account:

"whmapi1 modifyacct user=<username> newuser=<new_username>"

Email alias to a reserved username

During TSR-2017-0006, the list of reserved usernames was expanded to include email aliases listed in the "/etc/aliases" and "/etc/localaliases" files. Usernames aliased to a reserved username will also become reserved. To resolve this problem, remove the problem aliases from "/etc/aliases" and "/etc/localaliases" or rename the account by running the following as root:

"whmapi1 modifyacct user=<username> newuser=<new_username>"

Invalid usernames

Invalid Usernames do not adhere to the cPanel Username Validation rules. cPanel usernames have the following rules:

  • Alphanumeric characters only.
  • Does not start with a number.
  • Contains between 1 and 16 characters.

To rename a username to fit these rules, run the following as 

"whmapi1 modifyacct user=<username> newuser=<new_username>"

Misconfigured usernames

Misconfigured usernames are users that are missing some information or are in an incomplete state. Usernames in this state can be fixed by running the following as root:

 "/scripts/updateuserdomains --force"
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