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This document explains how to migrate your cPanel accounts, SSL certificates and main server IP address from one server to another. Typically, you would do this when you need to replace your server


Your websites will likely experience downtime during this process.

Migrate your cPanel accounts

To migrate your cPanel accounts to a replacement server, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Install cPanel & WHM on your new server

Install cPanel & WHM on your new server before you start to transfer the accounts. To do so, follow the steps in our Installation Guide.  

During the installation process, select a hostname and main shared IP address for the new server.


  • You must select a different IP address from your old server.
  • You may, however, select the same hostname as your old server.


  • cPanel automatically provides you with free 15 day trial license when install cPanel & WHM on a new server. However, if the Trial License Interface shows that your IP address is not eligible for a trial license, you may need to open a support ticket
  • The migration process will transfer your permanent cPanel license to the new server.


Step 2: Copy all accounts to the new server


  • Before you begin Step 2, make certain that you configured the server’s shared IP address and DNS server. This is important because restored accounts will have DNS zones configured with those DNS servers. You can do this in WHM's Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup).
  • Be sure to copy all SSL certificates before you switch servers. SSL certificates and keys are available in the /etc/ssl/ directory.

After you install cPanel & WHM on your new server, copy each account from your old server to your new server. To move all of your accounts from one server to another, follow the steps listed in WHM's Transfer Tool interface (Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool).

Step 3: Disable your old server

After you copy your accounts to the new server, you can disable your old server. Before you disable your server, delete the DNS clusters in WHM's Delete a DNS Zone interface (Home >> DNS Functions >> Delete a DNS Zone).

Step 4: Change the new server’s main IP address to the old server’s IP address

After you power off your old server, change the new server’s main IP address to the IP address of your old server. Perform this action via the command line in a local session. A local session allows you to make changes, restart the network service, and stay connected to the server.

To change the server's main IP address, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file.
  2. Edit the IPADDR and GATEWAY lines to the IP address and gateway of your old server.
  3. Open the /etc/ips file.
  4. Add your old server's primary IP address, net mask, and gateway to the file.


    Remove the new server’s primary IP address from this file if it is present.

  5. Run the service network restart command to restart the network service.
  6. Run the /scripts/mainipcheck command to add the IP address to the /var/cpanel/mainip file.
  7. Run the /scripts/fixetchost command to add the IP address and hostname of your server to the /etc/hosts file.

Step 5: Change the IP address of all accounts to the correct IP address

When you transfer the accounts to the new server, the IP addresses for the accounts will be the new server’s original main IP address. You must change the IP address of each account to the current IP address with WHM's Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses interface (Home >> Multi Account Functions >> Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses).

Step 6: Join the new server to the DNS cluster

Add your new server to the DNS cluster. To add the new server to the DNS cluster, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to WHM's DNS Cluster interface (Home >> Clusters >> DNS Cluster).
  2. Select Enable DNS Clustering.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Click Return to Cluster Status.
  5. Select the server to add to the DNS cluster from the Add a new server to the cluster menu.
  6. Click Configure.

Step 7: Reinstall all SSL certificates

You can add an existing SSL certificate for your site to your new server. To upload an existing SSL certificate to your server, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to WHM's Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain interface (Home >> SSL/TLS >> Install an SSL Certificate on the Domain)
  2. Paste the certificate into the text box, or click Fetch to upload a *.crt file.
  3. Click Submit to install the certificate onto the server.

Step 8: Confirm your cPanel license is valid

After you move all of your accounts to your new server, confirm that your cPanel license is valid. To do so, go to our License Verification interface.