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The Feedback interface allows cPanel customers to provide feedback and suggestions for their resolved tickets.

How to leave ticket feedback

To navigate to the Feedback interface, perform the following steps:


In cPanel Customer Portal's Dashboard interface, click the Show Open / Closed Requests link in the Tasks menu.

The Requests interface will appear.


In the Requests interface within the Closed requests from the last 180 days table, use the ID column to locate the ticket for which you will leave feedback.


In the Actions column, click the Leave Feedback link.

The system will direct you to the Feedback interface for the ticket.


The email notification that is sent to you for a closed ticket will provide a direct link to that ticket's Feedback interface.

Feedback summary

The Feedback interface displays details for a specific cPanel Support ticket, including:

  • The ticket identification number.
  • The open and close date of the ticket.
  • The total duration time of a ticket, from its creation date to completion date.


The Rating feature for feedback is a scale from "1" (Poor) to "10" (Good), where a score of one (1) is the lowest-possible rating, and a score of ten (10) is the highest-possible rating. 


  • The rating feature is employee-specific, and your score should reflect that individual employee's performance and how well they addressed your issue.
  • For tickets with multiple cPanel Support employees, you will be asked to submit feedback for each. You are not required to submit feedback for every employee.
    • If you do not want to submit a rating score for an employee, drag the slider icon () to the arrow () starting position. The rating box will display a "dash" () and an "Out of 10" message.

To select a rating, click the slider icon () and drag it to the rating that you want to select for the employee. For example, to leave a feedback score of "10," you will drag the slider icon to "10" on the scale:

Interaction Summary

The Interaction Summary feature provides a summary of the total number of responses received from the specific cPanel employee, the average response time, and the total interaction time.

Employee feedback

The How well did this employee handle this request? field allows you to comment about your customer support experience with the specific cPanel employee:


This field is optional.

Future experience

The How could your experience be better in the future? field allows you to recommend improvements to processes and procedures for cPanel, based on your overall cPanel customer service experience:


This field is optional.

Submit Feedback

To submit your feedback to cPanel, Inc., click the Submit Feedback button.


The cPanel terms I approve cPanel, Inc. to list my feedback on or use for other purposes without limitation. checkbox is optional.

Submit revised feedback

You may submit feedback one additional time, and do not need to reopen a ticket.


The newly-submitted feedback will supersede your original feedback score.

How to submit a revised feedback score


In cPanel Customer Portal's Dashboard interface, click the Show Open / Closed Requests link in the Tasks menu:


Locate the ticket for which you will leave a new feedback score. For example, ticket ID 8408407:


In the Actions column of the Closed requests table, click Leave Feedback. This will direct you to the Customer Feedback interface.


The Feedback interface will display your previous feedback score and information.

Click the Submit Feedback button to resubmit your revised feedback. The Show Open / Closed Requests interface will appear.


In the  Show Open / Closed Requests interface, the Closed requests table displays the ticket is ineligible for feedback:

Additional documentation

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