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For cPanel & WHM version 82.

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( WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings )


Default login theme

This setting allows you to select the default login theme for cPanel users.

This setting defaults to cpanel.

Display File Usage information in the cPanel stats bar (inode count)

This setting allows you to display the number of files and directories (inodes) that a cPanel account uses.

The Statistics section of cPanel's Home interface displays this information under the File Usage heading.

This setting defaults to Off.

Number of accounts per page to display in "List Accounts".

This setting allows you to specify the number of accounts to display per page in WHM's List Accounts  interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Information >> List Accounts).

To specify a new value, enter the integer that you wish to use in the text box. You can also select either of the following options:

  • All — View all of the accounts on your server whenever you or a reseller views WHM's List Accounts  interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Information >> List Accounts).
  • 30 (default) — View 30 accounts per page.

This setting defaults to 30.

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