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  • The setup_greylist_db Script
For cPanel & WHM version 74

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The /scripts/setup_grelist_db script sets up the SQLite database for the cPanel Greylisting service. This script also allows you to add the IP address ranges for common email services.

Run the /scripts/setup_greylist_db script

To run the /scripts/setup_greylist_db script on the command line, use the following format:

/scripts/setup_greylist_db [options]


You can use the following options with the /scripts/setup_greylist_db script:

--initInitialize the database with the basic data structure.

Force the database to reset.


This option attempts to preserve the Trusted Hosts list if the server has the Greylisting service enabled.


Add the IP address ranges for the specified email service. Specify this option more than once to trust multiple hosts at the same time.

This script recognizes the following common email services:

  • aol
  • apple
  • comcast
  • cpanel
  • google
  • hotmail
  • microsoft
  • outlook
  • roadrunner
  • verizon
  • yahoo


To use the  --trust  option to add cPanel's IP addresses to the Trusted Hosts list, run the following command:

/scripts/setup_greylist_db --trust cpanel 

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