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  • File and Directory Restoration for WHM
For cPanel & WHM version 74

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(WHM >> Home >> Backup >> File and Directory Restoration)



To use this feature, you must enable account backups in WHM's Backup Configuration interface (WHM >> Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration). Additionally, several settings exist that will disable the File and Directory Restoration interfaces in cPanel & WHM under certain conditions. For more information, read the How to Manage Metadata Settings documentation.

The File and Directory Restoration interface allows you to restore items from local backup files or directories.


This interface allows you to restore items only from local backup files. If you wish to restore items from remote backup files, you must transfer the desired remote backup files to the local server.

Restore a file or directory

To restore a file or directory, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a cPanel account name from the list and click Get Backups. The interface will display all of the account's files and directories that exist in a local backup file.
  2. Click the file or directory name that you wish to restore. The interface will display the directory's contents or all locally-available backups of the file.
  3. To restore a directory, click Restore this directory, next to the directory's breadcrumbs. The interface will display all locally-available backups of that directory.
  4. Click Restore This Version for the desired backup of the file that you wish to restore. A confirmation message will appear.


    If the file or directory that you want to restore already exists on the server, you must select the Overwrite existing file? checkbox in order to continue the restoration.

  5. Confirm the restoration.

  6. Click Restore.

A success message will appear if the system restored the item.

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