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Beginning with cPanel & WHM version 62 and later, all Long-Term Support (LTS) will extend to March 31st of the following year from the new version's date of inception. We will no longer provide LTS for versions that fall outside of this time frame. Only one release each year qualifies for LTS. Other versions will receive updates only if present in the STABLE, RELEASE, or CURRENT tiers. Any cPanel & WHM version not present in this table does not qualify for LTS.

cPanel & WHM VersionApproximate Release DateAnticipated End of Life
56April 2016October 2017
58July 2016July 2017
60October 2016October 2017
62February 2017March 2018


cPanel & WHM releases that reach End of Life will become unavailable for installation, no longer receive fixes or patches from cPanel, Inc.®, and documentation is archived.

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