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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50


The /etc/cpanelacctrestore file contains a list of accounts to automatically restore during the cPanel & WHM installation process. This feature allows you to restore accounts to a freshly-installed server.

Preconfigure the cpanelacctrestore file

To restore a list of cPanel accounts during the cPanel & WHM installation process, perform the following steps:

  1. As the root user, use a text editor to create the /etc/cpanelacctrestore file.
  2. With one entry per line, list the user account names.

  3. With your preferred file transfer method, upload the backup file or files to the server.


The backup's filename must use one of the following formats:

  • cpmove-{USER}
  • cpmove-{USER}.tar
  • cpmove-{USER}.tar.gz
  • {USER}.tar
  • {USER}.tar.gz
  • backup-{BACKUP-DATE_TIME}_{USER}.tar
  • backup-{BACKUP-DATE_TIME}_{USER}.tar.gz

The restore package script searches for backup files in the following locations:

  • /home
  • /home2
  • /home3
  • /root
  • /usr
  • /usr/home
  • /web
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