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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.46

(Home >> Backup >> Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File)


This feature will perform a full restoration from a selected backup file for a single cPanel account. You are also able to recreate an account whose cpmove file has been copied from a remote server.


 The restore system uses multiple applications, such as MySQL®. Do not shut down or restart any processes on the server during the restore process.

File formats and locations

The filename of the backup must use one of the following formats:

  • cpmove-{USER}
  • cpmove-{USER}.tar
  • cpmove-{USER}.tar.gz
  • {USER}.tar
  • {USER}.tar.gz
  • backup-{BACKUP-DATE_TIME}_{USER}.tar
  • backup-{BACKUP-DATE_TIME}_{USER}.tar.gz


Incremental backup files must use the cpmove-{USER} format. 

In order for this feature to work, the backup or cpmove file must reside in one of the following directories:

  • /home
  • /usr/home
  • /web
  • /home2
  • /home3
  • /root
  • /usr

You may also select a file from your local filesystem.

How to restore a cpmove file

To begin a full restoration from the backup file of the account:

  1. Select whether you wish to to restore the backup file by username or by filename.
    • If you select Restore with Username, select the username whose cPanel account that you wish to restore.
    • If you select Restore with File, click Choose file and select the backup file from your local filesystem.
  2. Select whether you wish to replace all instances of the original server's IP address with the new address or only replace basic cPanel-provided A records in zone files.
  3. If you wish to overwrite the account with the data in the backup file, select the Overwrite existing user checkbox.
  4. Click Restore.

After you click Restore, the Account Restore interface will appear.

Compatibility issues

Because of changes to the backup system and other system features (for example, Horde), there are several compatibility issues in the restoration process.

MySQL® and PostgreSQL database passwords

In cPanel & WHM version 11.42 and later, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases will be restored to the account, but the user's password will not be restored and the user will be locked out of the databases.

The next time the user manages a database with the phpPgAdmin or phpMyAdmin program, the user's privileges will be refreshed and access will be restored.


Because of changes to Horde's MySQL database, you cannot restore Horde data from cPanel & WHM version 11.42 or later to a server that runs version 11.40 or earlier.

Also, some global Horde files are not included in backups. Read our Backup Tarball Contents documentation and Guide to Horde Data Behavior for more information.